Check out our COVID19 containment measures


• A general Contingency Plan has been established for the entire establishment, by our certified external company.
• All our staff has been conveniently trained prior to their reinstatement with the preventive measures in place to curb and minimize any possible impact of Covid-19.
• We carry out a daily check of the health of our staff.
• We have reduce the general capacity of our common areas (including elevators) to respect safety distances.
• We have made available to our clients a wide informational signage, especially in the possible risk areas, both with preventive advice and hygienic internal rules of mandatory compliance.


• Customers who wish can request the documentation to pre-check by email. All your information and documentation previously sent comfortably from home. They must request this procedure by email to with costumer name and day of arrival. Minimum 48 hours before arrival.
• Upon arrival, the client has a disinfectant at the entrance of the hotel, which must be applied in his hands before going to the counter. Just one adult per each family come to the front desk for check in & Check out, the rest can wait outside.
• In order not to lose orientation and maintain the necessary safety distance between customers, our floor is signposted to remind you where to wait at all times.
• After a timely pre-quarantine, we disinfect all material that is delivered to the customer (registration cards, keys, cards, etc.)
• All information regarding the establishment, its services, and the complementary offer of the environment are presented in audiovisual format by QR code. We have suppressed the paper as a means of information.


• The cleaning of the rooms is carried out in accordance with the Covid-19 prevention measures established by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Andorra.
• We do not clean the room while the customer are inside. We respect so, not only your safety but your privacy.
• Our floor maids disinfect hands and work gloves with disinfectant gel, prior to every room cleaning.
• We do not perform our dry cleanings. All clean materials are properly impregnated with virucited products adapted for a correct disinfection of the furniture and items of the room.
• The decorative textile elements of the room that are expendable, have been removed for safety (cushions, plaits, carpets). Extra pillows and blankets, clean and properly cleaned and sealed.
• Our laundry certifies the treatment to which our lingerie room undergoes. All is washed at more than 60 ªC and with approved disinfectant virucid products.
• For hygiene and safety the glasses you find in the room will always be disposable, the welcome products have been removed, if you need any you can request it at our reception.


• We have reduced the capacity and number of tables in our Restaurant to improve the personal safety of diners, ensure the minimum distance required by regulations.
• We have reduced the tables and enabled service shifts in Restaurant to compensate for the reduction of the simultaneous capacity of our salon & bar, remember that we will not allow queues this year.
• We have modified the self-service buffet, adapting its format at all times to the regulations and recommendations of the health authorities of the Principality.
• In areas that can be expected to be expected, we have signalled the minimum separations to be respected by markings on the ground, in order to respect the safety distances.
• We have reduced the number of tables in our Bar to improve the personal safety of clients, and ensure the minimum distance required by regulations. but we have in turn increased the outdoor spaces on terraces and garden greater enjoyment of all.
• In the restaurant and bars we encourage the use of virtual cards through your mobile devices. We thus avoid a possible transmission element and therefore eliminate an unnecessary risk.
• We hygienist tables and chairs before use by a new customer.
• Room services is out of use temporally


• Our free-to-use gym will be temporarily out of use.
• In our Spa Wellness Water Zone we will apply the following limitations for the common good:
A reduction in overall capacity. Each turn will not be able to exceed 25 users in each turn, 45 minute shifts are in place. Management reserves the option to extend the hours of use in case of high demand and that the current shifts are insufficient.
•The following services of the circuit are sealed: Sauna, Turkish bath, Hammocks & warm Beds.
• People from family nucles or different rooms may not be available simultaneously in hot tubs. Please note that pressure showers cannot be shared.
•Lockers must remain closed. The customer comes changed directly from his room.
•We have adapted the massage service to the recommendations of the health authorities.