Privacy policy


In accordance with the provisions of articles 17 and 19 of Law 15/2003, of December 18th, Qualified as Protection of Personal Data,

I,  pressing the SEND button



  1. To obtain my personal data (and if applicable those of my child/children) in order to offer the requested services, management of the contracted services, invoice issuance..
  2. To process the obtained data in accordance with legitimate and compatible purposes for risk assessment
  3. To incorporate this data into a privately owned file, called KARDEX CLIENTS, for which GRUP GUILLEM S.A. is responsible and sole recipient.


At the same time, in compliance with article 13 of Law 15/2003, I DECLARE I HAVE BEEN INFORMED OF THE FOLLOWING FACTS:


  1. That the personal data transferred are incorporated into the KARDEX CLIENTS file, the person responsible for which is GRUP GUILLEM SA, registered in the APDA with resolution number APD-2006-03-0014-001-RES, and will be processed for the intended purpose for the said file and protected with the mechanisms specified therein.
  2. That the data collected, under no circumstances will be delivered or treated by third parties, physical or legal entities, without the consent of the client, guardian or legal representative, except those cases in which it is essential for the proper provision of the service.
  3. That the interested party may exercise its rights of access, rectification, suppression and opposition before the person in charge of the file.
  4. That the person responsible for processing the file is HOTEL GUILLEM, located on Carrer des Arinsols 10, AD200 Encamp, ANDORRA.
  5. That the entities that provide services to the person in charge of the file, GRUP GUILLEM S.A., will eventually be able to have access to the personal data stored in the file.
  6. That the data will be kept during the stipulated term set by the rules of the file.
  7. That my consent hereby granted may only be revoked in the event that the signer addresses a new document to the person in charge of the file where it clearly specifies this revocation.